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Date:2004-02-18 23:27
Subject:FIC: chock full o'sex - part 4 - still NC-17

Yeah, I told you I was bringing back some older stuff, right? Well remember this pornalicious story?

chock full o'smut

chap 1 - in which everyone has sex in mexico (summer/marissa, ryan/seth, summer/ryan/seth)

chap 2 - in which there's more sex in mexico the next day - (summer/ryan/seth)

chap 3 - in which summer gets a nice gift from the boys and then proceeds to give it to seth (summer/ryan/seth)

Well, here's another chapter. This one is a bit of a crack-fic, as it gets a little OOC in places. But it's just a fantasy, so go with it. This seems extra-trashy to me, but that may be because I haven't written anything with this much crazy sex in a long time.
three-way phone sex!Collapse )

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Date:2004-02-17 00:43
Subject:Fic - fight club, oc style part 2

Hey, remember this?

Back when I wrote that, I said there'd be a part 2. Well, guess what? I was going through old files and folders and found that I wrote it and never posted it. I think I'm suffering from memory loss at only 32.

So anyway...go back and read part 1 again, then bask in the shiny glory of part 2.

When Seth opens his eyes, he immediately wonders why he doesn’t remember being hit by a train when that is so clearly what must have happened.Collapse )

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Date:2004-02-06 03:54
Subject:OC flash fic!

This is for dammitcarl. She wanted a Thanksgiving fic.

I know, I'm a few hours late turning this in! But it's not yet midnight in Hawaii, so let's just pretend I live there, okay?

Seth/Ryan - R
No actual characters were harmed in the making of this fic.

Giving Thanks and Taking ChancesCollapse )

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Date:2003-12-17 10:35
Subject:LOTR - ROTK

Okay, so have had no sleep. None. Took 2 finals yesterday. Am on call for work, and have been busy with issues there. Saw Return of the King at midnight last night. Midnight show of 3.5 hour movie + 30 mins of previews(!) means no sleep. Am entirely exhausted and punchy, but twas so so so so verry worth it.

That. movie. so. rocked! -- not spoiler-y so much as enthusiastic, but YMMVCollapse )

Someone may need to hold me back from the LOTRps, and that scares me a little. Not a fandom I ever thought I'd be into, but damn those boys are delicious.

I may need to nap in my car during my lunch hour.

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Date:2003-12-11 21:13
Subject:madness, I tell you

So this is a fic I didn't really mean to write. Sometimes that happens.

Tyler and Jack are a sexy couple just like my boys...so now they have something in common.

chaos is so much fun sometimesCollapse )

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Date:2003-12-04 01:45

Courtesy of lizzyjit and tired
It's fun when your friends are friends!

Three Things Meme

3 things which revolt me:
intolerance, cruelty, cilantro

3 things which I don't understand:
the electoral college, time travel, how vinyl records work

3 things I'd like to learn:
skateboarding, stunt flying, time-management

3 things I am wearing right now:
layered t-shirts, dirty jeans, glasses

3 things on my desk:
a Cootie, a Powerpuff Girls clock, an Elvis snowglobe

3 things I want to do before I die:
travel extensively, get a Ph.D., make peace with my mother

3 good things about my personality:
I am kind, welcoming, open-minded

3 bad things about my personality:
I am stubborn, obsessive, and chronically tardy

3 parts of my heritage:
Eye-talian, Hungarian, Blackfoot

3 things I like about my body:
eyes, boobs, feet

3 things I don't like about my body:
chin, tummy, butt (It got too small when I lost weight! I have no more ass! So sad...)

3 things most people don't know about me:
I started first grade when I was 4 and graduated at 16, I lived in Hawaii for two years, I jumped out of an airplane

3 things I say the most:
"thanks", "dude", "you freak"

3 places I want to go:
grad school, Japan, heaven

3 names that I go by:
Breanne, Bree, Aunt Bee

3 screen names I use or have used:
punkdiva, starryeyedbree, daisyshoes

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Date:2003-11-24 12:28
Subject:whee! not.

Monday Monday. Bah.

I'm ready to start a new weekend already. Did you ever have a weekend so bad that you would have rather been at work?Collapse )

I'm looking forward to a new O.C. on Wednesday, but I accidentally read a spoiler, and now I'm bummed. It wasn't a happy plot development. =(Collapse )

If you could go anywhere you wanted on a trip, where would you go?Collapse )

So if you were a stripper, what songs would you do your act to?Collapse )

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Date:2003-11-19 10:53
Subject:so shocking!

courtesy of lizzyjit

I love quizzes. Feel free to send me links to ones you like best!

What kind of sex scene do you write?Collapse )

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Date:2003-11-18 10:57
Subject:little baby ficlet

posted to theoc100

Things could have been different for them.

They could have just stuck with the whole denial thing, pretending they didn't want each other, need each other desperately.

Or they could have sated their desires behind closed doors. It wouldn't have been easy, but they could have managed it somehow without anyone finding out.

Instead, they had chosen the hardest path.


Sometimes they paid for that decision in painfully harsh ways when people couldn't accept it.

But this way they had the luxury of loving each other openly without guilt or shame. No secrets, no lies.

It was worth it.


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Date:2003-11-17 14:04
Subject:Worth it -- part 4/4

Yeah, so here's the conclusion.

Thanks for reading, and many thanks once more to missdeviant for the awesome beta work. She's the shizzy, yo. And I bet she knows all the words to "Rock Me All Night". And probably "H.W.C." as well. And can relate that they make me want to write more fic. More fic!

part 1 - in which Seth and Ryan get to know each other a bit more intimately than either anticipated

part 2 - in which Seth realy wants Ryan to open up to him *very badly*

part 3 - in which Seth goes above and beyond for his questionably hetero life-partner

part 4 - if the conclusion is a-rockin' don't come a-knockin': 'Seth. What are you doing here?'Collapse )

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Date:2003-11-17 02:42
Subject:Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!

My first non-O.C. post. How about that.

So I went to see Donnie Darko again on Friday night. Well, I guess "went" isn't the proper word, since the first time I saw it was a Blockbuster night, but you know what I mean.

How did I not see this movie when it came out? I'm usually so on top of things, but this movie just totally passed me by. Now that I've seen it, I can't imagine ever not having watched it. It's so haunting and sweet and beautiful. It's definitely in my top ten, and after I watch it a few times, I'm sure it will get into the top five.

I think I understood more of it this time around. Of course, if I see it again, I'll probably get confused. Time travel movies just fuck with my brain. I get so caught up in trying to understand the time travel thing that I get distracted from the movie itself. Even stupid movies like Back to the Future and Bill and Ted. How did they put the trashcan there? How??

So. Jake Gyllenhaal. Such a sexy sexy creature. All tortured and strange and sexy. Even with the creepy face. It's a good thing there's nobody for me to slash Donnie with, or I'd have a brand-new obsession on my hands. His sister is so hot, too. They definitely got seconds when the sexy was being passed out. Donnie Darko and Secretary are probably my two favorite movies I've seen in a few years. Sexy *and* talented...they're both too tasty!

So, as I was watching on Friday night, during the scene in his shrink's office when he's hypnotized, and he starts telling her about masturbating to images of Christina Applegate, and he starts sliding his hand down his pants, I thought it was so. scorching. hot. And then I felt a little disturbed, because, hello, his shrink is right there watching him, and he's hypnotized and a little crazy, so then I felt guilty for getting turned on, because that's totally not what that scene is about.

So on the way home, we're discussing the movie, and H tells me that she felt weird about it, but she had gotten so turned on during that exact scene. Before I even mentioned it. And that, my friends, is why we're together.

So Jake Gyllenhaal is on our list. As is his sister. Oddly enough, I think our list of boys is longer than our list of girls. How weird is that? I'm sure that's my doing, much more than hers. Which is not to say that I miss boys. I miss boys like I miss smoking. Cigarettes always seem better in your head than they are in reality. I might wistfully crave one after a few drinks, but I know it's so bad for me, and after about fifteen seconds I'm over it. But if H and I were to *share* a cigarette, that wouldn't be so wrong, would it?

I think the boys I miss are the fictitional boys I never knew. Vulnerability on men is so sexy. But really, only on tv or in the movies. In real life, vulnerable men are usually needy or manipulative or passive- aggressive or some shit.

Ryan and Seth? Sweet and sexy in such a wonderful way. Donnie Darko? Excitingly crazy and hot. But they're so totally not real. And then there are the famous guys, but Jimmy Fallon is crushing on Tina Fey, River Phoenix is dead, and Keanu won't return my calls.

Plus, I love my girlfriend with the fire of a thousand suns. Did I mention that? And she's so deliciously divine - my own personal pin-up. Would it be bad to mention how since we've been writing all this slash, our sex life has been amazing? Well, then just pretend I didn't say that.

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Date:2003-11-16 22:12
Subject:Worth it -- part 3/4

part 1 is here.

part 2 is here.

part 3: The next morning I went to try to talk to Ryan.Collapse )

This story is fun! I hope you all are enjoying it.

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Date:2003-11-16 02:02
Subject:Worth it -- part 2/4

part 1 is here

part 2:
I struggled to understand what could have been...Collapse )

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Date:2003-11-14 18:23
Subject:watch me reel you in with suspense...

So, yeah. I have a fic that's 17 pages, and so I decided to make it a multi-chapter, cliffhanger kind of thing, This chapter doesn't end with a cliffhanger so much, but the other chaps do, so bear with me for now.

Mad props to missdeviant for going above and beyond with beta love. She's the queen, and this would have been far less of a story without her.


Worth it

chapter 1/4


Not my characters. Damn.


I had no idea what to expect when Sandy brought me home with him.Collapse )

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Date:2003-11-11 18:35
Subject:more fics - Ocean and Sacrifice

Two short little fics. One sweet and wistful, one really pretty dark.
Hope you enjoy them both!

as always, not my boys, no money, no sue


oceanCollapse )

sacrificeCollapse )

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Date:2003-11-06 17:42
Subject:More smut! Woo!

Alright, here are two different directions for Chock Full o'Smut. I wrote one that effectively ended the story, but Brody on ff.net encouraged me to go back and write another chapter 3 so that the story could continue. Who am I to argue?

For chapter 1 of Chock Full, go here.

chapter 2 is here.

Still Smutty. Still extremely NC-17.

Chock Full O'Smut chapter 3a
Summer, Seth, and Ryan are lying entwined on the bed...Collapse )

And now for the alternate ending, which isn't an ending at all.

Chock Full o'Sex chapter 3b
Summer looked warily at the box next to her front door.Collapse )

Yeah, I'm gonna keep going with this one. These three are too good together not to.

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Date:2003-11-04 18:27
Subject:Gah. So far behind in posting stuff
Mood:ready to be finished with this

Okay, yeah, so this is supposed to be fun, right? I've been putting off posting the rest of my stories because I'm not good at posting yet. Whatev. So here is a one-shot called The Blizzard, and chapter 2 of Chock Full O'Sex. The Blizzard is a contribution to the "Natural Disaster" series that we started on TWoP. Go see Wildfires, Frogs!, and Meteor!. Mine isn't funny like the last two. It's more on an angsty tip.

For chapter 1 of Chock Full, go here.

Smuteriffic, I tell you. Very NC-17. Really.

Chock Full O'Smut chapter 2
When Summer woke in the morning...Collapse )

And also, the blizzard
There was never a time when they didn't want each other.Collapse )

So there you have it. Your sex and your angst.

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Date:2003-10-27 17:29
Subject:2 FICs: Sweet Revenge and Chock Full o'Smut chap 1
Mood:nervous, hopeful, frustrated

This LJ thing is complicated when your computer refuses to cooperate. Frustration! I got these both up on oc_slash and theoc_slash, but not without posting one like 8 times. Ugh. I'm such a dork. I was thinking of posting them on sail_to_tahiti to go for the trifecta, but decided not to. Why are there three different communities for the same thing? Too many complications sometimes.

So anyway, I'll save these here for posterity...

These are both extra-smutty with smut on top. Consider yourselves warned.
So I present to you my first two fics ever:

Sweet RevengeCollapse )

Chock Full o'Smut - chapter 1Collapse )

P.S. Much love to hackthis for the code that got me here!

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Date:2003-10-24 16:20
Subject:so here goes...

and thus i begin my livejournal! it's funny that what prompted me to do this is o.c. slash. how weird am i? i've wanted to join before, but i was afraid of having a journal. too many opportunities to share too much. i'll figure out how to post my stories soon. much thanks to hackthis for the code!

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